My Work

I’ve highlighted the best of my work on this page. I’ve divided this into neat headers to help you find different kinds of work I’ve done. However, it’s not easy to sum up 11 years of work on one webpage. If you can’t find the samples you need here, feel free to get in touch and request what you’re looking for.

Content Strategy

In my role as a strategist, I developed a multi-pronged approach towards reaching and growing the audience at NDTV Gadgets 360. I built a sustainable growth plan for the tutorials section, podcasts, videos, and the buying guides section at the website. As a part of this, I first worked on improving my team leadership skills because I believe that a good team is far better than the sum of its parts. I worked with my colleagues to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and goals, and I was able to plot a course for each of them to grow under my leadership.

We used this approach to build the audience for two YouTube channels—Gadgets 360 and Gadgets 360 Hindi. Along the way, I polished my anchoring skills in both English and Hindi too. We launched two weekly shows, Office Space (for MS Office and Google Docs tutorials) and Elemental (a weekly series to explain how tech works). I also spearheaded two podcasts to build a platform for in-house and external tech experts to talk about the latest developments in the world of technology and gaming.

We also launched Guide, India’s first website dedicated to buying guides crafted through extensive testing and research. These projects and teams continue to thrive even after I left the company and started my own content business.



Reported Features



I created, hosted, and produced two podcasts—Orbital and Transition—during my stint with NDTV Gadgets 360. Orbital is a general tech podcast that features discussions and interviews around trending topics in tech. Transition was a podcast focused on gaming and pop culture. Here are some of the best episodes from these two podcasts.